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Sky Artemis



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Beanlight - The ultimate outdoor LED-light. 

- Beanlight is a 100% waterproof LED-lamp with 350 lumen brightness. With its built-in 5200 mAh powerbank, you can charge your phone or camera anytime. 
- To make your Chillbean® Air glow, simply put it into the built-in sleeve on the underside of the Chillbean® Air. 
- It has 3 different levels of brightness so you can choose how intensely you want it to glow. It can glow for up to 72 hours! 

It comes with a micro USB cable for charging and two lanyards so you can easily hang it in a tent. 

*Beanlight works best with brighter-colored Chillbean® Airs. 
** Chillbean® Air not included in the price. 

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