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Amethyst Hermes

Hi-Tech Bluetooth shower speakers

Hi-Tech Bluetooth shower speakers

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Music is an art, a therapy and has great power to heal you to the core. Most of the people love to hum or listen to music when taking a shower. This Bluetooth enabled speaker allows you to experience hassle-free music and even engage your phone calls. It is something to be used with the help of your mobile phone.

It is a water-proof device however it should not be dropped or submerged in water. This might damage them. It is a great device for kids and even patients.  


  • The Bluetooth speaker is a great device to listen to your favorite songs while taking a shower
  • It allows you to switch between phone calls, dial them and listen to music
  • You can receive a call by double tapping on the phone call button.
  • The LED lights indicate the switching on and off of the device
  • It has a suction cup attached at the back to stick to your bathroom walls
  • It comes in interesting colors


  • Press and hold the On/Off button of the speaker for about 6 seconds until the red LED and blue LED are flashing alternatively, now the speaker is ready for pairing
  • Turn on your mobile phone and activate the Bluetooth function
  • Search for Bluetooth devices, "BTS-06" will show up
  • Pair your device with "BTS-06", if the password is needed, type in "0000", then you can enjoy the fun this unique mini speaker brings to you
  • Note: Do not drop the speaker into the water
  • You can press the phone call button twice quickly to redial the last phone call


  • Colors: Black, pink, yellow, blue, green
  • Name: BTS-06
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