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Fuchsia Molly

Electric Abdominal Muscle Trainer

Electric Abdominal Muscle Trainer

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Electric Abdominal Muscle Trainer

This abdominal muscle trainer can help you tone, tighten and strengthen your body muscles and relieving symptom for shoulder, waist and back pain. You will be surprised by the unexpected results after trying an out the advanced design of Electric Abdominal Muscle Trainer Abs / Body (waist, arms, and legs). Electric Abdominal Muscle Trainer light weight makes it easily portable to your gym and office space. You do not need a special room for your workout. Electric Abdominal Muscle Trainer will help you lose weight, tone and tighten your loose body muscles. The material used for the unit is a highly flexible silicone and is completely safe on the skin. Electric Abdominal Muscle Trainer is thin and fits perfectly on the abdominal muscles and can be used under the clothes you are wearing. 

One Pack Includes:

  • Six points belly pad * 1pcs
  • Arm pad * 2
  • Host unit * 3
  • English manual * 1
  • Material: ABS pad
  • Packing size: 23 * 21 * 5cm
  • Each host unit requires two AAA batteries(not include)

Suitable for:

  • Acrobats and sportsmen
  • Postnatal women
  • People associated with the glamour world 
  • People with a Spinal ache
  • People with a Spinal ache
  • Corporate professionals with a busy lifestyle 
  • People who want to look more fit
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