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Lime Thalassa

Holiday Limited Edition Snowman Sponge (Hat Included)

Holiday Limited Edition Snowman Sponge (Hat Included)

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Create a gleeful glow with the Holiday Snowman Makeup Sponge! This limited-edition makeup sponge comes encased in a gold-speckled bauble which can be used as a protective case or hung to spread holiday cheer. The perfect stocking stuffer for makeup lovers, the holiday collector's item blends liquid and powder formulations into a smooth, streak-free finish that looks naturally radiant. Designed to absorb water and expand in size when damp, the festive beauty tool performs well dry, and provides optimal coverage when wet to reduce product buildup.    Use the head of the snowman to maneuver around small crevices with precision, position the bottom end to effortlessly buff, and use the snowman's body to roll formulas into the skin. The curved shape of the Holiday Snowman Makeup Sponge provides a cozy grip and improves technique control.

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