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Teal Simba

Whitening Braces Simulation Teeth Denture Brace

Whitening Braces Simulation Teeth Denture Brace

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Ultra-thin Technology

A special custom mold can cover the curved, stained, missing and notched teeth for easy dreaming, and the tooth whitening dentures are designed with ultra-thin technology.


Contains only rubber strips to replace lost glue,Upper and lower braces, a total of two, and reusable flexible whitening dental care.

Best Choice

This smiling analog braces is the best choice for replacing expensive braces. With these ultra-thin beauty teeth, you are no longer ashamed of your smile and you will have a proud smile.

Individually Packaged

Individually packaged, easy to carry, suitable for cosmetic dentures, for a variety of occasions, smiles make you more confident, the front of the cosmetic teeth looks like a perfect set of teeth and gums.


The perfect adult makeover, adaptable in minutes, it will be tailored to your tooth structure, so the size is right for everyone, male or female.


Type: Simulation Teeth

Quantity: 4pcs

Material: Silicone

Color: White

Mode: Whole Teeth Cover (Upper Teeth Cover and Lower Tooth Cover)

Hole: 6 (Lower Tooth Cover)/4 (Upper Teeth Cover)

Size: 9.0*6.0*1.0cm/3.5*2.4*0.4” (L*W*H)

Net Weight: 20.0g/0.7oz


1pcs upper teeth braces

1pcs upper teeth gel

1pcs lower teeth braces

1pcs lower teeth gel

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